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Kariera IT | Katowice 07.04.2018

Vienna House Easy Angelo Katowice, ul. Sokolska 24

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Kariera IT | Katowice 25.11.2017

25 November 2017, angelo by Vienna House, Katowice

Kariera IT is an event for everyone who plans his/her career in the IT field and wants to develop their competencies. If you are an IT industry member you know how important is to be up to date with all technological innovations. You must attend because we organize this event especially for you! 

The lectures conducted by IT experts, enables you to spend your time in an effective and creative way. We will keep the event program up-to-date so check out the list of lectures and speakers below.

Not only that! If you have experience you'll be able to see how much our partners can offer you. They are leaders in the domestic and global market looking for qualified employees in the Silesian Region. Everyone will have an opportunity to talk with the company representatives, check current projects, find out more information about employment conditions and take part in the pre-recruitment process to get job of your dreams! 

In addition, during the Kariera IT meeting, there will be technological demonstrations (robots, 3D printing) and CV consultation with a career counselor. We also prepare snacks for each participant.